Deep Breathing Exercises for Stress

As mentioned in all our other Stress related content, Deep Breathing exercises are great for getting stress under control. So here’s how you actually do that:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

To help rid your self of some built up tension, try this exercise. The idea is, with your eyes closed, you’ll focus tensing and releasing different muscles in time with your breath. But other wise you could very easily do this in class when you start to feel stressed. And as with any breathing exercise, be careful not to get dizzy.



4-7-8 Breathing

This one is great to help relax you before bed or during any stressful situation. And it’s easy enough that you could do it right before a pop quiz, probably without the hand part of course.


Alternate Nostril Breathing

This relaxation breathing exercise is best for when you first wake up or during school as it can energize and focus you. Maybe go into a bathroom stall first though, because it looks kinda awkward.


Roll Breathing

While this is s more difficult technique, once mastered it can be used anytime and anywhere stress is trying to get the better of you. While you can do this breathing exercise in any position, when you’re first learning how to do it, it’s easiest to lie on your back with knees bent. With practice, this will become easier and you could easily do it while sitting at a Regent.


Author: Claudia Kolts

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