Sleeping with Stress

What Effect Does Stress Have On Your Sleep?

Stress will keep you up at night, worrying about how you’ll ever complete that mammoth pile of homework or why your friend would do something like that. When you finally do fall asleep, it’s deep and you end up still feeling tired when you wake up. The last thing you want when you have to run a mile in gym the next day.

Unfortunately your lack of sleep can actually lead to more stress.

Fell asleep in class and got in trouble or missed important notes? Stress. Too tired to remember to do your homework? Stress. So sleepy that your grades are slipping? Stress. And you can bet that all that stress is gonna lead to more sleepless nights!

How Can You Stop This Spiraling Problem of Stress and Sleep?

Doing something like yoga or meditation before bed can help to relax your mind. If that’s not your speed, try focusing on the inhaling and exhaling of some deep breathes for a minute or so before turning in.




Yes, all those weird lavender products could help you fall asleep and can be used to help treat insomnia. Not only have studies shown that the smell helps you relax, but lavender oil spread on your skin actually acts like a very mild sedative. So whether it’s a lavender bubble bath before bed, lighting lavender candles or applying two drops of the strong smelling lavender essential oils on yourself before bed, lavender could help you finally get some shut-eye.

Avoid being on your phone…

…or watching TV or really any screen, before you go to bed. I know you’re sick hearing this, but the blue light of the screen really does mess with your brain’s sleep. There is a sneaky a get around since iPhones have a Night Mode that turns off the blue light. Some Androids have a Night Mode, Blue Light filter or you can just get a plug-in.

Read a book. I’m sure every adult and your teacher is telling you to do this, but hear me out. By reading you’re getting away from the blue screens and getting engrossed in the story, letting the stresses of the day fade away. Unfortunately if you own a back-lit kindle or other eBook reader, that’s not going to cut it. Older versions or good ol’ paper only.

Author: Claudia Kolts

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