Dealing with Holiday Stress

We are now deep in the holiday season and enjoying all the stress that comes along with it. Between family, friends and school, heres’ how to manage:

Be Realistic.

If dreams of having the perfect holiday gathering or getting every present just right is keeping you up at night, it’s time to let go. Gently remind yourself that it’s ok if things aren’t going to plan.


Stick to a Budget.

Let’s face it, you’re pretty broke and even if you have a job or allowance it’s not much. Don’t stress about trying to get the coolest or best present for everyone. Try thinking along the lines of, “what would they appreciate?” and make homemade gifts like a portrait of the person or tin of homemade cookies. If they really care about you, they’ll cherish it. And if they don’t.. Well don’t try to buy the friendship! You don’t need a leach in your life!

Plan Ahead.

Ok, okay. Sure it’s a little late now to properly plan anything out. But there still is a little bit of time before some of the holidays get here. Use your time wisely so if something unexpected pops up, you’ll stress less. Plan on how to juggle homework and gifts for family and friends. After all Regents are coming up in January.

Be Understanding.

We live in a very politically charged time. And when differing options come together for a holiday dinner it can get messy! And it’s also the last thing you need right now. To avoid stress, don’t get involved and let any annoyances go. Remember: They’re probably just as stressed as you are and mad that things haven’t been going the way they wanted it to. After all 2017 was quite the year. Let them get their complaints off their chest and discuss it later.

Don’t Close Yourself Off.

The holiday season often brings the opposite of holiday cheer, since it dregs up memories of loved ones who’ve passed on and family and friends that’ve moved. If you find yourself experiencing stress or seasonal depression try to find someone who is willing to just listen and while you talk it out. For a deceased loved one, you could try making a memorial ornament, so they still can be a part of the celebrations. If you notice one of your friends or family is affected by stress or seasonal depression, don’t make it on as your responsibility to make them better. Instead be there for them as an listening ear and let them know you’re there for them.

Author: Claudia Kolts

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