What Is Stress?


Everyone gets stressed, even your teachers! It’s not a great feeling, in fact in severe cases it makes you really sick. But do you know why your body reacts so dramatically or what causes the stress response?

It has to do with that age old instinct: Fight or flight. When your body feels pressure or a threat it, no matter how real or imaginary that danger is, it goes into that mode. When you feel stressed or nervous, as part of that fight or flight response, your body starts producing adrenaline, which causes the shaky knees, sweaty palms, rapid breathing and pounding heart, getting you ready for defending yourself or fleeing.

Now it’s not necessarily a bad thing.. in fact there’s good stress. That same reaction that makes you nauseous before a speech will save your life, giving you extra strength to defend yourself or to play sports. In fact, why people loves rollercoasters so much, is because¬†of the exhilarating feeling of that adrenaline rush and how focused and alert they feel after. And that’s not in their head, stress will make your senses heightened and help you rise to new challenges.

However, there comes a point where stress starts to become bad. Like when stress starts to impact your mood, productivity, health and relationships with your family and friends. Unfortunately our body can’t tell if you’re stressed emotionally like over an approaching chemistry lab, or in a real life or death situation like a car accident. And it treats all stressful situations the same. Long term stress, which at first less intense, builds up over time and it makes your body overactive with the stress triggers. Suddenly things that didn’t bother you, like homework, become stressful. And the more sensitive your body becomes to stress, the more on edge you feel and easily affected your fight or flight system becomes.

And there’s just as many symptoms of stress and types of stressful situations as there are different people. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with stress, Don’t fear, there’s ways to lessen it and cope. For ways to make it manageable try reading Easy and Healthy Stress Coping Strategies or 6 Easy and Healthy Ways to Combat Stress.


Author: Claudia Kolts

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