Interested in Attending a Summer Camp in Cortland County?

        Summer camps give parents a break, but it also give kids a chance to experiences to get to know others and to get away from electronics. Electronics are in peoples faces for more than others may think. The rates for cell phones bought have grown more than 45% since 2015.

At camp kids/teens get more physically activity done then they would at home around electronics. Don’t even mention the academic, and their social life it could help them improve on. Giving people the chance to go outside and swim play and enjoy themselves while meeting other people with the same interest or even different interest, gives them a chance to be themselves and meet new friends. Also, it helps plan for the future and learn how to work, or do some skills that you may not want to do with people you don’t get alone with or don’t like.

Here is some information about Summer Camps available in Cortland County:

  • Cortland Bible Camp
    • Pitcher, New York 13136
    • Teen week Ages 14-18—The rest is ages 14-18
    • Day camp-Before June 1st, $185—–After June 1st, $200
    • Overnight camp(Sunday-Friday)- Before June 1st,$275—–After June 1st, $295
    • Mini week is a 3 day 2 nights stay for ages 6-8 Before June 1st, $275—After June 1st $295
    • They have many sport activities, campfires,Arts, Worship, and also really great staff (Personal Experience).
    • Website-

  • 4-H Camp Owahta
    • Solon, NY
    • July 2 – August 11
    • Many different themed weeks, Great for kids. For example: Week 1 is fantastical beast week. All the weeks (6) are different.
    • Ages from  6-16 but you have to be 8 for Overnight.
    • Website-

  • Lime Hollow
    • Cortland, NY, 13045
    • Ages 3-14
    • Many different weeks/themes
    • Go in the woods/Hike/enjoy the enthusiasm of outdoors.
    • Website-

  • Cortland Repertory Theatre Stars of Tomorrow
    • Little York, NY
    • July 5 – July 28
    • Grades 5th -12th
    • Stars of Tomorrow is a 4 week workshop
    • Payments can be made daily ($22.00), weekly ($100.00) or for the entire sessions ($300.00).
    • Explore acting in a comedy and improvisation, audition techniques and professional materials (like headshots!), fight choreography, puppetry, makeup, costuming, scenic design processes, dancing, singing, and more!
    • For a breakdown of the weekly themes and skill development visit:

Summer Camps give kids to enjoy different things. Gives them more freedom then when the school year comes, or more then they would have on electronics all day.


Author: Crystin Mikayla

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