5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

National Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22nd, in the year of 1970. It began to hold events worldwide to demonstrate the impact of environmental pollution and the importance of taking care of this world that we live on. It is extremely good to keep the earth clean, safe, and environmentally happy. There are so many different ways that we can all be involved with helping make this planet a cleaner place, not only on Earth Day but for every day as well! Here are just 5 ways we can help support and celebrate earth day this year.

  1. Ride A Bike: Cars are one of the largest sources of pollution.  Riding a bike can go a long way and you don’t necessarily have to ride a bike.  You can carpool with friends, take a bus or even walk to work or school.  This is a simple but great way to get involved on earth day while also enjoying the sunshine! Plus, who doesn’t love riding bikes?
  2. Volunteer: Read our great article on ways to volunteer!  It can be extremely rewarding to become involved with volunteering along with helping and supporting earth day. A simple thing like picking up trash can can make this earth a little cleaner than before.
  3. Plant A Tree: The theme for Earth Day 2016 is “Trees for the Earth”!  We loose over 15 billion trees every year mainly due to deforestation as well as other factors. Planting a tree, a bush, flowers or any other plant will help create a bit more beauty and life as well as make this world a much greener place.
  4. Create A Compost Bin/Pile: This is an extremely easy and stress-free way to begin saving the earth with one pile of trash at a time.  It is immensely underestimated by how much trash we throw out every single day.  The basic idea of composting is that the trash that we throw out can become treasure.  It is mainly for any types of kitchen refuse that is able to be composted such as egg shells, fruits/veggies or any other type of food. This can be something to being working on for earth day and let continue for a very long period of time. Learn how to do it here.
  5. Let It Grow:   One of the best things you can do is simply spread the word about Earth Day!  Tell everyone you know about the benefits and values of making this world a better place and help them get involved with certain ideas and activities for such.  Just let the knowledge of Earth Day grow and the more people that know, the more likely we can make a change.

No matter what you decide to do and no matter your reasoning, just know that you are helping a lot just by taking that one step to contribute to Earth Day! Always remember that we all live here and we all share the earth so it’s important that we take good care of it.  We only have one so treat it with kindness, caring, and love!


Author: CassandraCarlton

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