The Best Spring Date Spots in Cortland

With the hustle and bustle of real life, it’s hard to find time for your special someone. Love is special and spending time with the person you love is priceless. So, when you have a free Friday night, take them on a date!

That doesn’t mean you must spend $150 on flowers, dinner, a movie, and a mariachi band. Dates are best when simple. Around Cortland, we have some amazing go-to date spots that are crowd favorites. Cortland is a sea of unending possibilities and many are affordable for students.


  • The Cortland free library—free Wi-Fi, thousands of books, and comfortable seating; it’s perfect for the bookworms.
  • Tinker Falls—Hiking, anytime of the year, is a great way to connect. Plus, once you reach the top, you can have a scenic, peaceful picnic.
  • Little York Park—With boat launches, walking trails, a park, and picnic pavilions, this site is great for a quiet afternoon with your love.

Frozen Treats:

  • Hoopla!—Not a fan of ice cream? Check out Cortland’s FroYo shop. They offer over 15 flavors and over 30 toppings: you can’t beat it!
  • Super Cream—Ice cream is good any season, not just summer. With new indoor seating and a full bakery and grill, Super Cream caters to your sweet tooth and your hankering for a good burger.


  • Origins—With a large variety of flavors, tasty treats, and friendly staff, Origins Café provides you with a place to unwind. Sit down, enjoy the atmosphere, and chit-chat with your love about their day.
  • RiLi Bubble Tea—Never had bubble tea? Try something new for your date. RiLi lies in the heart of downtown Cortland and is managed by a friendly husband-wife duo. The amiable, open atmosphere is perfect for a first date.


  • Elm Street Café—Miss home? Come to the café. Bring your date here; they’ll want to come back. Elm Street serves everything from pancakes to steak, and homemade brownies to ice cream sundaes. Elm Street will taste and feel just like mamas food.
  • Gringos—Looking for a genuine southwestern grill in the city? Gringos is the place for you. If you and your special someone are looking for a loud, fun, busy environment, plan a Friday night date here. Great food, friendly people, and an exciting atmosphere will ensure a fun time.
  • Jumpin’ Jax—Located in downtown Cortland, Jumpin’ Jax serves  the best chicken wings around. Their large menu is sure to satisfy you and your date.
  • The Hollywood- looking for a quieter, calmer dinner scene? The Hollywood is perfect! With a large selection of burgers, pasta, or salads, it will make a cozy Friday night date.


  • Cortland Repertory Theatre—Come one, come all, to the local Cortland performing theatre. With new shows playing every season and a convenient downtown Cortland location, it’s a popular date night spot for the couples with a theatrical passion.
  • Cortland Bowling Ally–Bowling is such a traditional date night that you can’t go wrong!
  • Shipwreck Golf–Although golfing itself can be a bit of a dry sport, doing it for fun and with a date makes for a perfect time!  Shipwreck Golf also has a black light course, different foods and more so don’t miss out! 

Want to check out some reviews first? Almost all of these places are on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! So whether it’s a hike at Tinker Falls, a frozen treat at Hoopla or enjoying a show at the Cortland Repertory Theatre, the list is endless and you can’t go wrong! The most important thing is to just have a great time with your date.

Author: Emma Murphy

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