5 Hobbies That Could Become Your Career or Part-Time Job

photography-camera lensA common expression goes, “If you do what you love then you never have to work a day in your life.” If you are lucky enough to find something that you enjoy doing, then your job will feel less like “work” and more like a hobby. But this isn’t always easy! A lot of these fields can be really competitive and may not always rack into a lot of money. A lot of our parents steer us away from some of these paths because they may sound risky. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance of making it and doing well in these fields. If anything, these hobbies can make satisfying part-time jobs.



Whether your medium is painting, drawing, or crafting, there are a bunch of career options! The typical option might be to become an art teacher, for example, but with the internet, it’s becoming easier to show off and sell your crafts with websites such as etsy.com. There are also sorts of arts and crafts shows/events that you can vend at to sell your work too. If you are lucky enough, this could evolve into a full-time job. But remember you are going to have to have some business skills.


A lot of people nowadays love taking photos, whether its selfies, pictures of their pets, or places they visit. Largely due to the fact that so many people own smartphones nowadays, it’s become a lot easier to pick up the interest of photography. However, if you do end up working with photography, chances are you will be working with much more professional SLR cameras with higher lens capacity. People are always looking for high quality photographs to have taken of their family, wedding, new baby and much more. Being a freelance photographer can give you a lot of freedom and what a cool way to meet new people and travel. Not only are you going to need to be good at this and have the equipment but people skills and business savvy are important too.


This is an area I personally thought a lot about pursuing since I play guitar as a hobby. However, I think we’re all aware that the music industry is extremely competitive. But if you are good and can book a few shows here and there, why not try it out as a part-time hobby-job! It is a great way to have fun in the evenings, playing shows and making some money. You can also pursue other possibility such as teaching younger students and doing sound work. Some amazing musicians learned how to play songs from watching YouTube videos or reading guitar tablature, which is an online reading systems of dots and numbers designed specifically for guitarists. If you have a serious passion for music, keep playing and think of ways to make some money on the side.


I find that I often get things out easier a lot easier on paper (or on the computer screen) than I do through verbal communication, and if this is similar to your situation, writing may be a great choice. Publishing a book is one idea. With websites like lulu.com that can be very easy. It does take a lot of hard work and dedication though. Publishing articles for websites, magazines, and newspapers is an easier place to start.


A great skill to have when living on your own, and often cheaper and healthier than eating out all the time. I wish I explored it more while living off campus.  Making a great dish from scratch can be time-consuming but it’s worth it and you feel accomplished and prideful of your work! Opening up your own restaurant is a nice ambition to have, and even for part-time work, a lot of restaurants may be looking for experienced cooks. But there are also lots of creative food jobs popping up with people who make baked goods, prepared dishes and so on, and sell them to stores or directly to people at markets or even online.

Author: tyler.kaufman

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