Bullying Comes in Many Forms

A bully is someone who lowers others self esteem, and hurts other people (physically, mentally, or emotionally). Some think violence is a natural way to deal with conflict, but this is also known as revenge. 

People who bully are having a rough time in their own personal life, some want payback for something that has happened in previous situations. When people feel hurt they think the better option is to hurt someone else to feel good rather than going to someone to talk about the situation they are in because it brings up their self-esteem. When a bully decides hurting other people is the way to feel better and to deal with any sort of pain, they know they are hurting someone else. The one thing bullies don’t realize about the person they are hurting is the impact it is making on their lives. Being hurt by someone changes a person, and you don’t know how much it changes a person until one day the victim of bullying becomes the bully.

In the world we live in, the person you’re bullying usually doesn’t want to go to an adult for help because if they do the bullying gets progressively worse. The worse the bullying gets, the more impact it has on their life.

Bullying comes in different forms. For example, physical bullying which is considered using force against a human, with intentions of hurting them. Verbal bullying, is using any form of “nasty” language or just naturally teasing them on a specific topic. Cyber bullying is bullying someone over the internet/online. Last but not least, social bullying is when you spread rumors that are not true facts or leaving someone out of an activity with your so called group, and/or embarrassing them in public or around well known people to get attention.

If you’re a victim of bullying, then you know how hard it is. You know how hard it is to get attention from an adult, how hard it is to make it stop, how hard it is to get the courage to stand up to the bully. It’s harder than it looks/sounds like.

If you’re a former bully, how did you stop? Did you realize the impact or the amount of harm that is bringing to their lives? Did the victim of all the bullying get recognized and got help? Are you good friends now?

If you EVER feel like you can’t handle this bullying anymore, or just can’t deal with the pain it’s bringing you:

Talk to a trained crisis counselor:

Text “DS” to 741-741




Author: Crystin Mikayla

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