The Summer Youth Work Program

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My Personal Experience

As a participant in the Summer Youth Employment and Training Program (SYETP), I can say that you will end up doing many fun things. The Program offers work sites that will allow most people to do the type of work that they want to do. In the beginning, because of orientation, I thought that the program was going to be very boring. Orientation covers all of the expectations and legal requirements of becoming an employee. While the program may have its boring moments, most of it is very enjoyable because most of the people in the program are nice and all the supervisors who run it also were very nice. I had a very enjoyable time at my work site, Cortland Area Communities that Care, because we did activities like blueberry picking to write reports on. I had zero issues with my boss, so I think that is a good thing. I hope the other participants had the same experience. At the end of the program there is a very fun picnic that you go to for the last day. I would recommend this program to anyone who is just looking for work over the summer.

Cheyenne Nowalk CNY SNAP

About The Program

This summer program helps employ kids ages 14-18 who meet program requirements and are looking for work over the summer. The people that run the program are Shannon, Jackie, and Amy from Cortland Works Career Center, who have been with the program for a long time. You can find them in Cortland at 99 Main Street, across from the post office. There are a couple of ways to get the application for the program, one being you can go to the program site and talk to them about getting one or you can go to your school’s guidance office and ask about it. Applications are usually available at the beginning of May. Even if you apply first it doesn’t affect whether or not you actually get employed, so as long as you submit your application and supporting documents by the deadline (usually the end of May) you have an equal chance of being hired. The program assigns you to a work site based of what you want/ are willing to do. The program also requires you to participate in a community service project.MarathonKidsCommService

Work Sites Friday Meetings and Pay/Amount Of Time You’ll work

The program has a vast array of work sites, like Camp Owahta, Cortland Library, and CNY SNAP, so you shouldn’t have an issue getting a place that you will find enjoyable. Though the programs work sites are vast and different, every Friday you have to go to a workshop where you learn about ways to better yourself in a career and/or as a]n employee. This year the Friday workshops covered a lot of goal setting and ways to be a great employee using skills such as attendance, ambition, and appearance. The Friday meetings are a tad bit boring but they have some useful information that you can use at your summer job and later in life. The Summer Youth Work Program pays minimum wage and you’re paid for the Friday workshops as well. You’ll be working 22-25 hours a week depending on where you work. If Many Drop out of the program there are more hours offered in order to use the entire grant given to the program and you could be allowed up to 40 hours (possibility).


Written by Dylana Alrich


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