Is Minecraft Just A Children’s Game?

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This game is loved by people of all ages–young children as well as young adults. But some people believe that the young adults that play it are immature. The young adults that play it will argue that the game is for all ages. Both sides make some good points!

All Ages Can Play

You Can Be Creative: Most players do range from the age of 8-15 but there are many adults that do play the game. That being said the game the people that argue that the game is for adults is that it allows people to be as creative as they want. The game allows for large-scale building such as cities and towns and even large-scale art builds. Though you can build large scale, you can even build in a small-scale way with just a house or two or even just a small pen for your farm animals.

Bosses: The game also has three final bosses that you can take down and to get there is a long grinding process that takes a good amount of effort to complete. The bosses take special enchants to beat and even have to get the best armor in the game to not be killed by the boss.

Multiplayer: The last thing is that it has servers where you can competitively play against all of the players in player versus player game play. Minecraft also has servers where you can work together to beat the bosses and even build giant cities together as a group.



Only a Children’s Game 

No real substance: The reason many people see that the game is a children’s game is it has no real game play that can matter to adults. Meaning that it has no storyline or any plot for why the bosses that you can beat are considered evil and why you have to kill them.

No progression ability: Another reason is that the game has no real way of getting specific skills to get into stuff that allows for progression further into the game. They dislike that the game relies on luck rather than the skill and ability. Therefore, people wish that the things that the game you can get through luck should have a raised chance the higher the experience bar is. They also dislike that there is no real level progression throughout the entire game.

Needs to make somethings longer: People like to think that the game is a children’s game because most of the things that would take time in a normal game you can accomplish in 4-7 hours of game play. Like the farming system, which takes close to six normal days in the game takes 2-3 days in Minecraft making it not as difficult to rely on farming as food.


I think that in the end it really is just personal opinion if the game is just for children or if it is for all ages. Many of the things that go against why it is good are mainly just opinion but the same goes for the other side of things for why the game is for all ages. I think that the game is for all ages because it allows people to be as creative as they want in build in a sandbox world. Though I also think that it is just for children because the game itself has no real background or story line and no real substance so I think that both are not wrong either way you look at it.

Author: Sebastian

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