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In law enforcement, there are many tools that the officers are allowed to use when attempting to arrest someone. One of the many tools that they use is the Taser but they have to follow specific regulations to use them. Here is some of the regulations and facts about Tasers.


 Rules: Can only have the Taser active for five seconds for three intervals unless under certain circumstances. The rule is that if the enforcement agent is to go over the three intervals the officer must be able to give a valid reason for each one after the third interval. Law enforcement agents are not allowed when shooting a Taser to aim above the chest when they are firing in the front of someone to avoid accidental death or harm. Before firing the Taser the agent is required to say “Taser Taser Taser” to notify the other officers and criminal they are firing the Taser.

 Though they are allowed to use Tasers they only really use them under certain circumstances. Depending on what weapon the person resisting arrest is using will depict what the officer uses, if they have a melee weapon the officer on site is more likely going to use a Taser but if the resistor is using a firearm the officer will use his firearm. All officers in Cortland County have a Taser on person while patrolling an area.

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Fun Facts:

 Tasers have 50,000 volts of electricity and a very low amp that way they only take people down rather than physically harming them. The best place to hit someone with a Taser is in the lower part of the back because it has the most muscle. However, any place with muscle will work, if shooting from the front aim below the waist, and if shooting from the back aim from the chest down.

 Tasers don’t work one hundred percent of the time and that is one of the circumstances that they are allowed to go over the three-interval rule. Tasers fire two probes that both need to hit about two inches apart for effectiveness.

Tasers DON’T kill people! If someone resisting arrest is on drugs or has a heart problem and does not inform the officer it is possible to die from being Tasered. However, it is not the officer’s or the Tasers fault that the person chose to do drugs or not inform the officer of heart problems. If you are resisting arrest, the officer will do what they need to.

The name “Taser” is actually the name of the company that makes them; it is called Taser International.

 The Taser tracks what date time and what the temperature was outside when it was fired. When using the Taser to arrest someone an officer shouldn’t put his gun back on his belt to avoid the copper string breaking and not being able to use the Taser. Training Tasers are often used to teach officers in the police academy how to use them and if willing what it fee like to be shot by one, sometimes using special training suit to not be electrified but show what it looks like.

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