A Day Volunteering at CNY SNAP

Working throughout the region, CNY SNAP (Central New York Spay Neuter Assistance Program) does whatever they can to help the pet overpopulation (mainly focusing on cats). Whether its providing low cost spay and neuter services for those who cannot afford a regular vet or rescuing and adopting out cats, as well as handling a few feral cat. SNAP tries its hardest, all while being completely volunteer run.



Noyze Volunteer Day

Volunteers are vital to the success of CNY SNAP. There are many ways to help such as fundraising, fostering cats, transporting cats to PetSmart for adoptions, socializing cats and cleaning. Visit website linked at bottom for contact information.

Here’s the things we did and learned at our day of volunteering at SNAP.


We interacted with the cats they had there at the facility, which helps them build their people skills, especially for the kittens, giving them a better chance of adoption. They send their cats to numerous places to try to get them adopted such as PetSmart and even right from the facility. We also were able to observe all the other things that go on there. We were there on a clinic day so spay and neuters were being performed. Most animal facilities like SNAP struggle to start because they require a veterinarian in order to operate. SNAP is lucky to have help from theirs in order to continue doing what they do to help the community.


Most people don’t realize that SNAP is not just in Cortland, their efforts spread throughout Central New York. They have people from all over who go and trap cats to bring to the facility. They collaborate with about 12 counties so far. Without volunteers and donations, it would be completely impossible to run the programs. 3-4 volunteers are required to be on site to help run a clinic. Therefore, it is very important to help spread the word about their program and efforts so they can continue.



Donations of needed items reduces SNAP’s operating costs allowing them to help more animals. Items can be dropped off at their facility. They include:

  • Towels (used)
  • Sheets and blankets (used)
  • Paper towels
  • Dish detergent
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Canned cat food
  • Cat toys
  • Cat treats
  • Cat carriers (new or used)


CNY SNAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping curb the pet overpopulation by offering low-cost spay and neuter services. Their mission is to make a difference in our community by reducing the overpopulation of cats and dogs in the Central New York area. CNY SNAP is a grass roots organization made up of an entirely volunteer workforce.

Weekly spay and neuter clinics are performed at the CNY SNAP clinic in Cortland, NY. The clinics are held in conjunction with SOS (Shelter Outreach Services) who provide the veterinary resources necessary. Clinics accommodate approximately 20-30 cats and dogs. Services are offered at a low cost for feral cats, barn cats, strays, and low-income households. If interested in having your pet spayed or neutered, call at 607-756-2561 for an appointment. Please leave a quick message with your name and telephone number. Also, please be patient for a call back. They are very busy.

They are also looking for local businesses to display their homeless friends who are looking for a permanent home. IF YOU HAVE LOST A CAT, please do not hesitate to call them, in the event that it may have been turned in to their facility.

The cost per animal at their spay/neuter clinic is as follows:

  • Female Dog: $85
  • Male Dog: $65
  • Female Cat: $55
  • Male Cat: $35
  • Rabies and distemper vaccines are $5 each

To learn more about SNAP, visit them on Facebook here or check out their website.

Author: dylana

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