Cartoons That You Should Start Watching

With so many new cartoons on the rise it’s hard to choose what cartoons that you should watch. \considering there are cartoons that are already out and others coming out and some even in progress there are so many to choose from. Here is a small list of the cartoons that have been released and/or are still in progress that you should start watching.

Steven Universe: This cartoon is about a young boy named Steven Universe who lives in the fictional town called Beach City. The city is inhabited by the crystal gems who are human like aliens. Steven being a half gem goes on many adventures with the Crystal Gems to protect the city from things that are like the crystal gems that want to destroy the city. You can watch Steven Universe on Hulu.

Teen Titans: The Teen Titans I’m talking about isn’t Teen Titans Go but it’s the original series that Teen Titans Go is based off of. Teen Titans is a cartoon about a group of young people who are led by Robin, Batmans sidekick, that are on a mission to protect the world. The other members of the Teen Titans are Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg. Robin has no special abilities and relies on a utility belt and wits while the rest of the group has special abilities that they use to fight against a new generation of villains. You have to pay for the show to watch it.

Dexter’s Laboratory:  Dexter’s Lab as it is more commonly known as is about a boy genius named Dexter that has world saving inventions in a laboratory under his house. Though Dexter is constantly battling his sister Dede to keep her out of his lab as well as engaging in a bitter rivalry with Mandark his neighbor and fellow genius. Though this cartoon is old it is still a very good cartoon and would recommend watching it. You can find some of the seasons of Dexter’s Laboratory on Netflix.

Codename Kids Next Door: This show is about a small group of five that are part of a global group known as Kids Next Door. The members are known by their codenames number one to number five. They fight against adult villains in their high tech treehouse while the adult villains use advanced 2×4 technology. The show goes on many different adventures that the group goes on to protect the world. You have to buy the seasons to watch this show.

Wow I can’t believe that this list just barely touches the surface of all the cartoons that are out there. They have so many more that you can find and watch that this is a small list of some that I think people should watch. Their really are just so many good cartoons that you can watch. These are just some of the many different cartoons that you can expect to find out their and with so many other cartoons that their are you should defiantly check these ones out.


Author: Sebastian

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