A Day At The Cortland County Junior Police Academy

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(Schedule of this Year’s program)

The Junior Police Academy organized by the City of Cortland Police Department is a summer program for teens that allows those who are interested in possibly going into law enforcement or who just want to see what it’s like, to learn and experience it. The program shows teens some of the things that they will have to know if they make this their career.

The Jr Police Academy goes over defensive tactics, has participants become certified in both first aid and CPR, do community service, crime reporting, simulated firearm training, crime scene investigation, K9 demonstration, de-escalation techniques, police scenarios, S.W.A.T. demonstration, take trips to places such as the Syracuse Police Academy and the Cortland County Jail and more.

When I visited they had a Taser Demonstration planned for the students. The program also teaches the teens about the physical requirements of being a police officer through physical training. In fact it is a requirement of the program to be able to run 1.5 miles without stopping. It is run by City of Cortland Police Officer Reyngoudt who started the program in 2010. Some of you may know him because he is the Resource Officer stationed at Cortland High School.

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(Cortland County Sheriff Mark Helms beginning his talk)

Different speakers are brought in every day so that participants get to learn directly from the experts. They will have a few different speakers that will come in and do different talks about their jobs and role in the law enforcement. The speaker that was there when I went was the Cortland County Sheriff Mark Helms. He went over the history of the sheriff’s office and how he got started in law enforcement. Also going over what his job entails, the things that can effect you getting picked for a job and went over the fact that you can move all the way up if you try your best and work hard.

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(Participants put on board what they think  are characteristics of a good police officer)

Anyone who is going into law enforcement should know that you cannot take the test to become a police officer until you are 20. Teens are encouraged to go to college and at least get a two year degree which will help set them apart from other candidates.

They also went over the fact that when trying to go into a career in law enforcement you should be careful of what you do and send over the internet because they will do a background check.

Did you know that there are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving in the United States, which is the highest figure ever. About 12 percent of those are female. 

If you are interested in the program be sure to check it out next year and sign up. Learn more here.

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