Noyze Summer Series: Fruity Drinks

Staying cool in the New York heat can be a challenge, especially if you’re outside or working. Ice Cream and popsicles are great, but don’t help to keep you hydrated. The sugar in these items can actually increase your risk of dehydration and can make you feel more tired. Here are some refreshing drink ideas to keep you cool, calm, and collected!

  • Fruit infused water: Adding fruits like lemons, limes, watermelons, or even a cucumber can give fresh flavor to your water. They also curb hunger, so you won’t want to give in to ice cream so easily! ¬†Fruit water tastes good and keeps you hydrated!
  • Strawberry Limeade: Sweet and sour slushy
  • Orange Whip: similar to an orange Julius, but with less sugar!

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Author: Emma Murphy

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