5 Benefits to Having A Pet

Having a furry (or even scaly) companion in your life can bring you several benefits, some of which are even good for your health. Aside from the obvious ones, like keeping you company and brightening your day, there are other positives that can come with owning a pet. Let’s take a look at a few:

1) Responsibility:

Regardless if you plan to have kids some day or want to be ready for the responsibilities of a career, certain pets can have child-like qualities and requirements to them. If you plan to get a dog (or five dogs) you need to spend a lot of time being home with them. Checkups, daily feeding, and taking them outside for walks can be a commitment but enjoyable at the same time. Cats and other animals are arguably more independent but veterinary checkups and feeding obviously apply as well. And the costs can add up!

2) Security:

This one will probably apply more to dogs. While they can be very sweet-natured people often like to keep dog breeds such as German shepherds and Pit bulls as watch dogs to protect them from harm as well as keeping crooks from breaking into homes with their intimidating barks.

3) Therapeutic Qualities:

Petting a soft and furry animal can be relax and calm us down, which in turn could lower our blood pressure. Unless the cat or dog is taking up most of our bed space, they may even help us fall asleep. I find that if I’m lounging back in the recliner after a hectic day, having my cat rest on my lap can help to relieve stress

4) Added life and personality to a Home:

I couldn’t imagine living without having an animal in a home. I’ve always lived with cats and hope to have as dog as well someday. If you’re at home by yourself, a pet can help keep you occupied. Watching a cat or dog run and play around throughout the house provides amusement and entertainment. Having smaller animals in tanks or cages such as fish or reptiles can be equally pleasing to observe and be a great addition to the house’s décor.

5) Social Enhancement:

Whether you walk your dog outside and people come up to you asking to pet it, or you have guests over, having pets can be bring about a greater social experience in our lives. They simply give us something to talk about with those who share similar interests in the animals that you love. Volunteering at cat and dog shelters can also make for a great experience and will allow you to meet other people who care for animals as much as you do.

Author: tyler.kaufman

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