A Brief History of Pokemon

Pokemon is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary today (February 27th)!!! And whether you loved it or not, it has been everywhere. I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of Pikachu. After all we did all grow up with it to a certain degree. What major events do you remember?

1996: Pokemon Red and Green was released to the gameboy in Japan

1997: The Pokemon anime premiered in Japan!

1998: Pokemon games and anime arrived in America. Pokemon Red and Blue released for the Gameboy.

1999: Pikachu was made a playable character in Super Smash Bro. The trading cards are released.

2000: The first Pokemon World Championship happened, and also Pokemon Gold and Silver were released for the Gameboy Color.

2001: Pokemon Crystal was released for Gameboy Color, Pikachu became a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and Super Smash Bros. Melee is released on the Gamecube with Pikachu.

2003: Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby are released on the Gameboy Advance.

2004: The first Pokemon Trading Card Game was held and Pokemon Redfire and Greenleaf were released on the Gameboy Advance.

2005: Pokemon Emerald was released for the Gameboy Advance.

2006: Pokemon celebrated it’s first decade!

2007: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were launched on the Nintendo DS.

2008: Pikachu returned to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and added some Pokemon inspired levels.

2009: Pokemon platinum was released for the Nintendo DS.

2010: Pikachu celebrated 10 annual years of being in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

2011: Pokemon Black and White were released for the Nintendo DS and the Pokemon trading Card Game Online launches for both Mac and PC.

2013: Pokemon X and Y launched for Nintendo 3DS. This is the first ever simultaneous global launch of a Pokemon game.

2016: Pokemon turns 20!!!



Author: Claudia Kolts

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