What To Do On A Rainy Day

Don’t let the rain stop you from having a great day. There are endless amounts activities whether you don’t feel like leaving the house, or if you’re brave enough to face the rain.  Here’s a list of activities you can do outside and inside.

Inside Activities:

  •  Create a dream board or scrapbook. Take whatever craft materials you have laying around the house and put it to use! All you need in scissors and tape or glue. Cut out images that inspire you and add them to your poster.
  •  Movie marathon. Grab your comfiest blanket and watch all those movies you’ve been dying to watch but just haven’t had the time.
  • Pamper yourself. Take a nice long bath (or shower), give yourself a manicure/pedicure and relax!
  • Play board games. This one speaks for itself, but will make the rainy day pass by quickly.

Outdoor Activities:

  • Jump in puddles. There’s a reason toddlers love to jump in puddles-its fun! Throw on some rain boots and a raincoat and get jumping.
  • Visit a museum or art gallery. Spending an afternoon at a museum or art gallery is a great way to avoid the rain.
  • Go to the movies. If you’ve exhausted all of the movies on Netflix or Hulu, face the rain and go to the movies!
  • Go to the mall. Whether your just window shopping or have been meaning to pick up some new things for your closet, spending a few hours at the mall is a great way to pass time while it’s raining.

Let’s face it: the rain shouldn’t stop you from having a fun day. Hopefully this list will give you some ideas of what you can do on the next rainy day!

Author: Rachel Weinstein

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