Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review


Oh my gosh!!! I just saw Star Wars in IMAX 3D and it was sooooo amazing!!! First off I should note, that I did see the 2am to 4am viewing so I was (and am) in pretty rough shape.
The movie takes place roughly 30 years later and the New Order now is in place of the Empire, however the New Republic is gaining power and still leading the rebellion. General Leia sends Poe, her best fighter pilot to search for her brother Luke, the last Jedi who has gone into hiding.
(That’s in the opening crawl, not spoilers).
The movie starts right off with action and keeps the action coming all throughout. There wasn’t any dull long talks (like in the prequels) and you get introduced to the all main characters almost right away. Plus the characters are really likable and had many funny moments and quips like the original trilogy. That doesn’t mean it was all comedy! There’s definitely a couple sad parts, though one particularly stands out to me. Watch the movie and you’ll probably know exactly what I’m talking about. (No!!! How could he?!!!!)
Anyways, back to the characters! I really want to learn even more about them. Jay, in particular is really engaging and I love her playful/upbeat relationship with Finn. She thinks on her feet and is quite dedicated to a cause when she finds one. I love how she’s a whiz with mechanics and I want to know more of her backstory. I do think she is wayyy too trusting with strangers though.
Kylo Ren is also incredibly interesting and I can’t wait to see what happens with him! He seems to idealize Darth Vader and I love how he just starts slicing equipment instead of people up with his light saber when he gets pissed. 
I honestly was prepared to not like BB-8, because I thought he might like Olaf (who I find annoying) or Jar Jar Binks (who humanity finds annoying). But he’s adorable!!! And the parts were he interacts with R2D2, tugged at my heart strings. I also love him with Finn! They’re really amusing together, especially as BB-8 begins to trust Finn who he recognized as a stormtrooper.
The visuals were stunning and did a great job of merging the gorgeous scenery and character design of the prequels with the practical effects and amazing setts of the original!!! Everything was beautiful, but realistic and lived in. The only visual thing I would pick at is don’t sit too close to the screen, because there are a lot of lens flares and it hurts your eyes. But I can say I wasn’t tired anymore after that!!!
And I should mention that if you hate sitting through credits, don’t worry about it. There’s no extra scene at the end, though it is kinda disrespectful to get up in my opinion. Those tech guys and gals worked real hard! I LOVE how the audience in my theater broke out in applause at the sight of the opening Star Wars crawl. Overall, I think it was great, and I’m hyped for the next one (the movie does a great job of that). And if something was spoiled for you, still watch it. That one plot point won’t ruin the rest of the movie.

Author: Claudia Kolts

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