Cyber Monday vs Black Friday


Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving (November 30th). This holiday was originally created to give internet-based businesses a chance at competing against Black Friday. What a time to be thankful. The term “Cyber Monday” was created by marketing companies in order to lure people into shopping online during the shopping season. The term was first posted on on November 28, 2005 in a press release, “Cyber Monday quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.” What’s important to know about Cyber Monday is that in the past two years there were 45% more deals when it came to fashion and clothing and 50% more deals online when it came to shoes. In 2014, sales hit a record 2.68 billion dollars online. WOW!

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving (November 27th). People also recognize this holiday as the beginning of the shopping season for the holidays to come in December. Many non-retail businesses and schools have off the Thursday of Thanksgiving, also taking off Friday and giving people a four day weekend with the opportunity to go shopping. Last year a whopping 50.9 billion dollars was spent during the four day weekend. The term originated in Philadelphia and was used to describe the crazy amount of traffic that would occur the day after Thanksgiving in light of all the shoppers going holiday shopping. The term was later translated into the point in which retailers begin to be “in the black” or when they begin to gain a profit. Many stores have begun to open their stores at midnight and a shocking 8pm on Thanksgiving day. There have been more than several stories of violent fights or outbreaks between shoppers. Many people have been known to camp outside the stores, waiting in line in order to get the best deals.

And don’t forget Small Business Saturday which is on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (November 28th). This holiday was created recently (2010) to give local businesses a chance since Cyber Monday And Black Friday aren’t small businesses friendly. Small businesses in our community are super important too.

So, whether you’re brave enough to tackle the crazy shoppers and stampedes on Black Friday or you’re quick enough on the keyboard, enjoy the Holiday shopping, post-Thanksgiving food coma.


Author: karolinaguillen

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