National Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide_prevention-DODSuicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, each year over 43,000 american’s die by suicide. On average there are 117 suicides per day.  For every suicide there are about 25 attempts, however, many suicide attempts go unreported or untreated. Suicide is the sixth-leading cause of death among those 5 to 14. Suicide is the third-leading cause of death among those 15 to 24. Firearms account for almost 50% of all suicides. 90% of those who die from suicide have an underlying mental illness.

Risk factors for suicide among the young include suicidal thoughts, psychiatric disorders (such as depression, impulsive aggressive behavior, bipolar disorder, certain anxiety disorders), drug and/or alcohol abuse and previous suicide attempts, with the risk increased if there is situational stress and access to firearms.


The most local organization attempting to raise awareness in central New York is Stand Against Suicide. They help the public understand disorders, treatment, and the power of help. It is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 by Tara Olmstead Kinsella in memory of her dad, Wayne D Olmstead who died by suicide on July 16, 2008. Their mission is to raise Suicide Awareness and Prevention by educating about Suicide and Mental Illness. They hold events as well as participate in events where they can promote their cause and raise funds. They are dedicated to promoting alternatives to suicide through education and awareness.

On October 1st @9am – 1pm Stand against suicide is holding their 5th annual “Take A Stand, Save A Life Community Walk”. Enjoy a 2.2 mile walk along the scenic Onondaga Creekwalk. They will gather at the Inner Harbor Ampitheatre and walk to Onondaga Lake and back. For more information on the event visit Stand Against Suicide on Facebook.

Author: dylana

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