National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day


Today, August 19th, is national ice cream day. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Definitely a holiday worth celebrating! Soft serve ice cream is the result of air being introduced to the dairy product during the freezing process.

In 1934 on Memorial Day weekend, Tom Carvel had a flat tire on his ice cream truck in Hartsdale, New York.  After pulling into a parking lot, he began selling the softened ice cream to vacationers driving by.  With amazement, seeing the love that people had for soft ice cream, he concluded that a fixed location selling the new-found dessert was potentially a good business idea.  In 1936, Carvel opened his first store on the original broken down truck site, selling his secret formula soft serve ice cream dispensed from his patented super low-temperature ice cream machines. Dairy Queen also claims to have invented soft serve.

Go out for some soft ice cream and use #NationalSoftIceCreamDay to post on social media.

There’s even some local ice cream places you can check out for the yummy treat in Cortland!

Friendly’s: 170 Clinton Ave.  Frosted: 133 Main St.  Footie’s Freez: 1041 McLean Rd.    Brain Freeze Madness: 123 S Main St.                                                                                                         The Little Treat Shoppe In Polkville NY: 2087-, 2095 Weaver Rd.  Super Cream Dairy Bar: 75 N West St.

Author: dylana

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