DIY Crayon Art

Crayon art is a fun and creative DIY you’ve got to try. You can make tons of creations using crayons but here’s the simplest one, feel free to be creative with it though.

Materials :

  • Blank canvas
  • Crayons
  • Paint brush (Optional)
  • Acrylic Paint (Optional)
  • Glue ( preferably Gorilla glue)
  • Heat source ( Hair dryer)

DIY-Crayon-Art-IStep 1 (optional) : Paint the canvas with a layer of acrylic paint. This helps the wax stick better.

DIY-Crayon-Art-IIStep 2 : Glue the color crayons you selected to use to the top of the canvas in a row.

DIY-Crayon-Art-IIIStep 3 : Using your selected heat source begin applying heat to the crayons to melt them.

DIY-Crayon-Art-IVAdditional step (Optional); You can use shapes cut out like cookie cutters to create shapes with your crayon art.

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Author: dylana

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