DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

DIY-Mason-Jar-Fairy-Lights-CoverThis fun DIY project is a must try. Create your own fairy lights with simply a mason jar and some craft supplies. It is cool looking and fun to make.


  • Jar (Mason jars work great as do old pickle jars and other re-purposed glass jars)
  • Glow in the dark paint (use several colors if you can)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scrap paper
  • White school glue
  • Glitter

DIY-Mason-Jar-Fairy-Lights-1Step 1: Place a piece of scrap paper like an old magazine down and then and squirt some of your assorted glow in the dark paints onto the paper. You want to squeeze out enough paint so that you will be able to paint your jars from the paint on the paper. Place a liberal amount of each color on the paper.

DIY-Mason-Jar-Fairy-Lights-2Step 2: Paint your jar starting at the bottom of the inside, dabbing small dots of  glow in the dark paint using your brush. If you have several brushes, simply alternate your brushes/paint colors  frequently so you get a nice random multi-color effect.Vary the size of the paint dots a little for a more realistic fairy like glow.

DIY-Mason-Jar-Fairy-Lights-3Step 3: Now that your finished painting the jar needs to dry. An hour in the sun should more than suffice for getting your jar to dry and also glow. A bright light bulb can also activate your glow paint, but the sun is going to work best.

DIY-Mason-Jar-Fairy-Lights-4Step 4 (optional): Cover the lid with a thin layer of glue and sprinkle it with glitter. This is best done over a paper plate or something you can throw away. Your scrap paper will come in handy again for this step. Shake off the excess glitter and allow the lid to dry.


Your jar will be pretty but you don’t truly get to see how incredible your fairy light jar looks until the lights are off. Any time you want to reactivate your glowing fairy jar, simple recharge the paint with a light bulb or sunlight.

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Author: dylana

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