A Chorus Line At Cortland Repertory Theatre


This is the first production of A Chorus Line at the Cortland Repertory Theatre in 45 years. This dazzling musical tells a story of the unsung heroes of the Broadway stage – the dedicated, talented and overworked chorus dancers.

Opening with the characters dancing at an audition for a chorus line, all of them fairly nervous because they really need this job, this leads them to sing the song “I Hope I Get It”. As the audition progresses the director asks them to give him their resumes and form a line. Then he asks for their name, place of birth, and age. One by one each of the characters comply by stepping forward and answering. The director then asks them to step forward and tell him something about themselves, they struggle confused on exactly what he wants to know. But get to the conclusion he simply wants the truth, of why they started to dance. Easier for some more than others but each of them again comply and do their best to share. Each character ended up revealing very sad and hard stories of their life and how dance made them a bit more confident.

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Later in the audition it is revealed that one of the women auditioning has a love history with the director, they argue continuously throughout the show. The director believes she is too good to settle for the chorus line when she just so recently made it out. But the woman argues that it is near impossible to make it any where with just dancing and that she cannot act, she’d rather be in the chorus line doing something she loves than nothing at all. From this point the director is extremely pushy with her, judging everything she does. Causing another more serious fight which reveals why their relationship hadn’t worked as well in the past. The director had loved work more than her, and wanted her to move up to be a great star like him when she couldn’t.

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One of the characters that the director particularly liked Ends up getting hurt while dancing and sent to the hospital, and the director decides to ask the rest of them one last question before he decides. “What would you do if you could never dance again?” None of them had a clue, dancing was their lives, but as they thought about it more it was harder to answer. They discussed the struggles of life and just getting a job in general. One of the character who is now almost too old for dance anymore said she had plans to open a dance stuio even though not her ideal choice she’d still be able to enjoy what she loves. This leads the characters into the song “What I Did For Love”.  

Finally the director makes his decision , letting them all know that if he could he would hire them all. leaving some in joy and others in tears, The characters then  Reappear in sparkly outfits preforming in a chorus line preforming the song “One”, Thus ending the show.

I thought it was an amazing show and would watch it all over again. It included a lot of adult humor and problems that reach out to people with similar issues even today. Be sure to check out the next show Cards on the Table from August 3-13.



Author: dylana

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