3 Things You Will Find At The Cortland Farmers Market

The Cortland Farmers Market on Main Street in Cortland is a place that sells lots of cool stuff made and grown in and around Cortland County. The market has many different venders that all sell different things. There are plenty of items that you can buy so you won’t be disappointed if you stop down to check it out. Here are three things you will definitely find:


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Vegetables! I mean, you kind of expect there to be vegetables it is a farmers market. Although most teens do not really like eating vegetables there are plenty of things that you can do with some fresh vegetables. And it’s fun to see what new things are in season! This week there were garlic scapes, onions, garlic and more! You can also meet the people who grow the things and these farmers are often very nice! 

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Maple Syrup: This is REAL maple syrup! Not pancake syrup made with corn syrup. Real maple syrup is healthier and comes from trees that grow here. There are many things like pancakes and waffles that you can put maple syrup on. It’s delicious!


Cookies and Cakes: The Market is a great place to pick up homemade cookies and cakes! The woman selling them had a lot of different things and they all looked great!

These are just some of many things that the farmers market has to offer. The Farmers Market happens from 9am-2pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays and is located on Main Street in Cortland, just down from Brix. They even have a farmers market Facebook Page.

Author: Sebastian

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