How to Make a Watermelon Owl Fruit Bowl

Fruit-Owl-Step-FinalA creative, fun and healthy activity to try this summer.


-Watermelon   -Toothpicks  – Knifes(preferably in various sizes)  -Red Grapefruit   -Kiwi  -Melon  -pineapple  -any other fruits you’d like for the fruit bowl

Step 1 Cut a flat surface at the bottom of the watermelon so it can be stood upright.


Step 2-  Identify the more bumpy side of the watermelon, That is where you will cut out the next chunk. Cut vertically half way through and horizontally half way through and pull the chunk out.


Step 3- Using a spoon or some type of scoop take out the insides of the watermelon , Salvage what you can to be used in the fruit bowl.


Step 4- Cut red grapefruit like a tomato to create the eyes of our owl.


Step 5- Using toothpicks stick the grapefruit slices onto the watermelon.Fruit-Owl-Step-4

Step 6- similar to step 4 your going to slice the kiwi into pieces for the eyes.

Step 7-  Again using toothpicks stick the kiwi slice onto the grapefruit slices. Creating our owls eyes.


Step 8- Cut the melon how you normally would and make sure the fruit is small enough to be added to the bowl. Save the rinds!

Step 9- Using the rinds cut out one medium sized triangle for the nose and smaller triangles for the feet.


Step 10- Place feet at bottom of watermelon forming your feet, and using toothpicks stick nose in between eyes.

Step 11- Now on to cutting the wings for our owl, Using the rinds of a pineapple, careful cutting , be sure to create a curve.


Step 12- Using the top of the pineapples leaves create the eyebrows, sick them onto the watermelon with the toothpicks.


step 13- Fill the empty watermelon with your any other fruits along with the cut up pieces of fruits used.




Author: dylana

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