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With Summer upon us, it is almost the time of year where you have to start wondering what games you should be thinking about picking up. With so many titles coming out, here is a list of a few that you might want to consider:

Destiny The Rise of Iron: The newest add-on to Destiny you’ll be fighting a new form of Fallen enemies as you fight to become an Iron Lord. If you pre-order this dlc you can also look forward to the Iron Gjallahorn.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare/MW4: The newest Call of Duty is being released and those who have seen the trailer are not impressed! People are going to still spend the $80 on it because it comes with the older Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. You can also get the $120 version and get the season pass, Call of Duty MW4, and a steel book.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the Pokemon players are excited for the release of Pokemon Sun/Moon the latest hits in the Pokemon world. With an all new battle system allowing ease of access for younger audiences to learn the game but still being able to retain that old Pokemon feeling.

Titan Fall 2: The sequel to the beloved game Titanfall comes the newest game from Bethesda Titan Fall 2. Titanfall 2 adding in 6 new titans a grappling hook and a single player campaign. People will certainly enjoy this new first person shooter game. You also can get the  pick up the collectors edition for an additional collectible.

The Division Survival: The second add-on to the Ubisoft published game where survival is challenged with limited supplies and weather effecting you. Players may also have to deal with rouges with rouge protocol being important with this dlc.

Those are just some of the many games that are coming out this year to play and enjoy. People are getting hyped for these games and they aren’t even out yet. With some having betas and others having preorder bonuses and finally some having season passes, who knows what your going to spend money on. Which games will you be playing this fall?



Author: Sebastian

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