Making Your Backyard Wildlife Friendly

While we all have backyards of varying size, here’s a few tips for most nature lovers to attract wildlife and make it safe!

Pick up trash. This my be a no-duh, but it’s really harmful to small critters and bugs. It’s also good idea to keep your trash bags secure so that raccoons or other hungry animals can’t get in to it. They can get trapped and die or accidentally ingest poisons and plastic. Plus things look prettier without litter.

Plant flowers! Especially ones that appeal to bees and butterflies. You may need to do a little research into particular favorites, but brightly colored flowers are good for humming birds and nectar/pollen rich flowers are ideal for bees and butterflies. I know it’s not great for allergies, but those flowers have the nutrients they need.

Have bird feeders. Nothing attracts wildlife quite like food. And whether you like it or not you’ll get more then birds! I’ve seen rabbits, squirrels, moles and a wide variety of birds at mine. And depending where you live you may also see deer and raccoons! Not to mention with the type of food and feeders available, you can cater to a specific type if you want.

Leave or created some brush. If you don’t already have cover, berry bushes would be ideal. You not only get to enjoy a snack, but bees, birds and bunnies can use it to take cover and make nests.

Plant trees! It will create habitats for birds and squirrels, plus stop soil erosion and provide shade.

Don’t use pesticides or herbicides. Oh no, but weeds! Well..yea, but some of those weeds are great for the local wildlife. And using them kills helpful insects like ladybugs! And if it bugs you that much you can always pull the weeds out the old fashion way.

Compost. This is great for creating rich soil, full of nutrients for a garden! Plus while it’s being broken down into soil it’s a good food source for worms and bugs.

Birdbath or basin. Puddles don’t last long after rain, so create a place for birds to get water on those long summer days. I’d change the water every so often though so you don’t create a spot for mosquitoes.

These are just a few ways to make your backyard, or balcony, the ideal place for animals to visit and live. Hope these tips worked for you and you start seeing more wildlife. I personally always look forward to seeing the rabbits.

Author: Claudia Kolts

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