5 Foods to Make at Home

Ever wanted sushi and didn’t feel like buying the expensive treat? Or just just wondered what it’d be like to make your own Double Double? Well, I tracked down the recipes to do just that!

1) In-N-Out Burger!

The Double Double is a West Coast exclusive since In-N-Outs can only be found over there. It’s kinda legendary to burger fans, however instead of trying to scourge up money to journey to the Pacific Ocean, try this recipe that gets pretty close. (You’ll need to scroll down the page quite a bit to find it).

2) The California Roll!

This sushi is a tasty treat that was created here in America! Even if your not a fan of raw fish, you can enjoy it since it’s different from traditional sushi. But it’s a little complicated to make so here we go! First off we’re going to make sushi rice. Yea.. it can’t be any old white rice. You’ll need to follow this recipe here. And then to make the rest of the roll go here.

3) Spicy Bean and Rice Burritos!

Are you a fan of Chipotle or Taco Bell? Well, you won’t need to really on them for your burrito needs with this recipe to make your very own Spicy Bean and Rice Burrito. You may notice that the author of the recipe likes to change out ingredients and that’s fine. I recommend you also customize it to your preferences. Not sure how to fold a burrito? Never fear! Watch this.

4) Pizza!

The big thing in the land of Pizza seems to be stuffed crust. But you don’t need places like Pizza Hut to do it for you… you can make your own! I would use this recipe for the crust and get creative with the toppings. However if your a pizza noob, this is how you go about a more basic pizza. Remember that the fun of making pizza is the different topping combos (and eating it)! So try adding whatever your favorite toppings are.

5) Buffalo Wings!

And finally..how to make Buffalo Wings! These would go great with the pizza above, but that’s up to you. And when your armed with the knowledge how to make these you can cook them whenever you want (as long as you have the ingredents). Man, knowing how to cook is a dangerous thing. Just follow this recipe and you’ll be enjoying Buffalo Wings in no time. Oh, and you’re going to have to scroll quite a bit to find the recipe.

Hope you enjoy trying out at least one of these recipes this summer.

Author: Claudia Kolts

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