5 Things to Do Before You Kick the Bucket

We only have one life to live so we should obviously make the best of it and have as many exciting experiences as we can before we go. Some of these will definitely be a little costly, but then again, many great experiences aren’t.

1) Travel to a country that speaks a different language:

Experiencing culture shock is one of greatest things we can put us through, because it gives us an alternative perspective on the world around us. I also believe occasional change of location can be very stimulating and beneficial to the brain because it makes life more exciting than going through the same thing every day, and going to the same places. Everyone should be able to have the opportunity to travel to another country at least once in their lives to either learn about customs, or to just get away from their daily routine.

2) Overcome a fear or throw yourself into it:

No, this doesn’t mean do something stupid, but I think it’s a good idea for all of us to exit our comfort zones once in a while. It’s possible we might regret in but it’s also possible that we’ll be proud of ourselves. Riding an extremely fast rollercoaster is my personal example. I’ve always been pretty weary of carnival rides growing up and I still am today. A few summers back I went to Six Flags in Jersey with a couple of my friends. We waited on line for at least an hour to ride Kingda-Ka. I decided to sit in the front cart and I’m glad I did! We then proceeded to ride El Toro and Nitro after that. Even if you might not like something it can still be satisfying to say you did it.

3) Scuba-dive:

It’s amazing how much of life take’s place in the ocean. Being the biggest natural habitat on the planet, there’s so much on earth that we don’t really get the opportunity to explore. Whether it’s Australia near the Great Barrier Reef, or off the coast of Hawaii, scuba diving can be a very exciting and visually pleasing experience.

4) Go camping:

One spring break I went on a college camping trip which involved kayaking through islands in the Everglades in Florida. It was definitely among the most rewarding experiences of my life. We drove all the way to Florida from Cortland New York and it was the longest road trip I’ve ever taken. Taking a long road trip is another thing I think everyone should do at least once. The trip was a week long and put me at peace with nature and kept me away from constantly being on my smartphone.

5) Learn an instrument:

Learning an instrument can benefit us in various ways. It’s a productive way to pass time, can make us smarter, and improve our social lives through meeting other musicians. It’s also a relaxing way to relieve stress. I took up guitar myself when I was about 13 and stopped playing for a while but will pick up every now and then when I get a chance. Like mentioned in another one of my postings, it can also lead to a job or career involving teaching.



Author: tyler.kaufman

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