DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers Day is less than a week away, which means it’s time to start looking for a gift!  There’s no need to break the bank-when you can use some crafty items that you have lying around your house!

Idea #1: Create a Scrapbook Photo Album

If you have a lot of old pictures, trying making a photo album!  The materials you need are a binder, scrapbook paper of your choice (visit local crafting store), a hole puncher, glue, whatever markers or crayons you have and the pictures you want to us!

Step 1: Layout all the pictures you want to use on the scrapbook paper

Step 2: Add whatever notes or decorations you want to around the pictures

Step 3: Glue the pictures in place

Step 4: Finish decorations

Step 5: Gift wrap and make a card!

Idea #2: Make Her a Bracelet

All you need is some different colored string and you can make an awesome bracelet that your mom will treasure forever.  For step by step instructions click here

Idea #3: Bake her favorite dessert

You can never go wrong with dessert, so make her favorite treat for the day and show how much you appreciate her!

Idea #4: Make a card

This is so simple, yet so meaningful.  Instead of spending 5$ on a card, try making your own.  There is something special about handwriting a card.

Let us know what gift you plan on giving for your mom for Mothers Day!



Author: Rachel Weinstein

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