5 Ways to Have a Healthy and Positive Relationship

Lets be honest, being in a relationship can have its highs and lows. No relationship is perfect and that’s okay. There’s going to be disagreements, arguments and even fighting at times but a healthy amount of these things are perfectly normal. There are so many things couples can do in order to remain in healthy and positive relationships while growing stronger along the way.

  1. Learn Independence: Having that time without one another can really make a relationship flourish. Although always being around your partner makes you happy, it’s also important not to rely on them for happiness. Sure, it’s okay to miss them when they go away and but always try to find things to do that make you happy. It is also important not to take personal time personally. If your partner says they just need some alone time, it’s important to respect that. This works both ways. It’s also just good to have time to yourself. This is a great way to for your relationship to really blossom.
  2. Practice Forgiveness: It is really important to not hold grudges against one another. Of course we all make mistakes but don’t bring up things from the past. Things are in the past for a reason and yes they did happen, but they are over and done with. Carrying these kinds of things will only make you more upset. Like I mentioned before, arguments are bound to happen and although you may not necessarily always agree with one another, it’s simply important to “forgive and forget.”
  3. Communication: This one is a biggy. Always be open with each other. If something is bothering you or you simply want to talk about your day, your partner should always listen to you.  This also goes both ways. Listing to one another is a really easy way to show that you are committed to the relationship and also that you really care about the other person. Don’t ever be shy about telling your partner what’s on your mind. The worst thing you could do is keep it all bottled up inside. Always share things with each other, no matter how big or small the matter.
  4. Be Loyal: Not only is being loyal important, so is being honest.  Don’t keep secrets from one another and always learn to own up to your mistakes whether they were intentional or not. Being able to trust one another will relieve the amount of stress your relationship may have as well. Don’t stalk one another. Trust what your partner says and don’t worry. You both hold this obligation to one another. You are in a relationship because you love each other. Don’t be dishonest or unfaithful. It only leads to consequences and heartbreak.
  5. Always Show Affection/Support: Make sure you both know that you are there for one another, no matter what. Find simple ways to show them how you really feel such as the traditional ones like buying flowers, opening car doors and making dinner. I refuse to believe that chivalry is dead. This also applies to future goals and dreams. Make sure they know that you support them, believe in them and have confidence in them. This is sure to make any relationship stronger than before.

There are so many great things about being in a relationship. The best part is learning more and more about each other every day and growing together. These 5 things will not only help maintain a healthy and positive relationship but they will also make you both feel more confident and happy about it as well. This could be the beginning of something beautiful!


Author: CassandraCarlton

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