5 Things That Matter in HS That Won’t Matter After HS

High school and college are obviously both completely different ballgames. Things that are stressed as important in high school may not always carry over to have an equal important emphasis in college. Now that I am about to graduate college myself, there are a lot of things I look back at in high school and think, “why the heck was this so important?” I’ve provided a list of a few of these ideas below that seem to decrease in importance once you get into college:

  • Regents and SAT Scores. I’d like to be clear that while I listed this as something that is not too important for college, in reality, it really depends on the college that you wish to get into. I recall not doing too well on my SATs, but still managed to get into Long Island University, then transfer to SUNY Cortland, both which are considered very good schools. Listing this is not meant to discourage you from trying your hardest to do well on these exams (some Ivy League schools and public universities may care a lot more), but not-so-great scores shouldn’t mean that you can’t still get into a great college program.
  • Certain high school classes. This holds an equal importance graduating from college and going into the real world. I can confidently say that a great percentage of things I’ve learned in college I’m never going to need again when I have a career set. The same can be said transitioning from high school and going into college. For example, classes such as oceanography and algebra that I took in high school, I did not end up having to take in college. Chances are, once I leave college, I’m not going to be using those too much. The common issue is that a lot of these classes are requirements that need to be completed regardless if we are going to use them. I should add that algebra is a very important skill to have, but it won’t be a necessity with everything we do in life.
  • Eating alone. Let’s be honest, a lot of us don’t like eating alone all the time. I can say that I could at least count my good friends all on one hand, but in the case that I have an on-campus meal plan and everyone is busy, I might often end up eating by myself. In high school, this is known to be frowned upon and people may even consider you a “loser” with no friends. In college, I see people eating alone all the time and quite frankly, I’d like to believe that nobody really cares. Get rid of the “cool table” notion, because college is often such a big diverse environment and it shouldn’t really matter anymore.
  • Brand name Clothing. Funny, but true. While I usually always like to wear Nike shoes and Levi jeans, the rest of my wardrobe could be brand-less for all I care. I can’t even recall the brand of the shirt I’m wearing as I wrote this. I remember a kid in high school who was always into wearing Tapout shirts since he was into UFC ultimate fighting and the clothing line was connected with MMA fighting. I also remember ‘un-fittingly’ wearing South Pole shirts in middle school because those were also a big thing. There’s nothing wrong with having a brand preference but I’m one of those people who doesn’t care about rocking a brand name on their chest. Do you and wear what you want, but just know brands seem to be of less importance once you get into college (Shiflett).
  • Being Different…it’s not a bad thing. As people get older and go onto their next level of education, we would like to hope that students have a higher tolerance and acceptance towards others that might have something a bit different about them. At least from my own observance, students in college are a lot more accepting of those who may have certain disabilities or different sexual preferences. Learn to love yourself and I promise you others will too if you find the right support and group of friends.

There are many other things that won’t matter once you are out of high school but for the meantime just know that these things are nothing to stress over.  The best thing you can always do is be yourself!




Author: tyler.kaufman

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