The Best 2016 Prom Guide

Now that it is officially spring, the school year is coming to an end…which means one thing: Prom!  Yes, prom is almost here which means so much preparation in what seems to be so little times! Well don’t worry because we’ll help you find the perfect dress and hair styles that are all at a friendly budget!

The Date: There are so many ways you can ask your date out, and it doesn’t matter if they are your significant other or just going as friends! Also, there is nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy to prom. You could simply ask your date with flowers, or go all out and make it more elaborate. Check out these 17 ways to ask your date to prom!

The Dress: While prom is going to be one of the greatest nights of your high school career, there’s no reason to break the bank over a dress or pair of heels. Not sure if you want to wear a long gown or a short dress? Try something in between! The newest trend this prom season is two piece dresses.  Seventeen magazine has put together a gallery of gorgeous prom dresses all under $100. Check out the many options for prom dresses along with two piece ones as well!

The Shoes: There are a lot of factors that will determine the perfect pair of shoes to wear to prom. After my experience, the most important part is being comfortable. Don’t buy a pair of six inch heels that you don’t know how to walk in. Also keep in mind the height of your date! If you’re trying to match the shoe to your dress make sure you find a color that matches almost perfectly.  Whether you want to wear a strappy heel or a sandal, you will find the perfect shoe!

Hair & Makeup: Coming from someone who loves to do their own makeup, save yourself the cash and do it yourself! There are hundreds of makeup tutorials on YouTube and practice makes perfect! Remember to let your natural beauty shine through, and keep the makeup natural with a hint of glam.  Try spicing up your look with some false eyelashes. My makeup tip for the night: make sure your foundation doesn’t have SPF or else it will make you appear washed out in pictures!  lso remember to use blotting papers in case you get hot throughout the night. You don’t want to do the makeup yourself, have a friend help you out. As far as hair goes, there are numerous styles you can do. Loose curls is always flattering, or if you have a lot of sparkle and details on the dress, try pulling your hair up into a bun or pull back some pieces into  a half-up half-down. There are so many hairstyles to choose from!

Boys: Don’t forget to buy a corsage that matches your dates dress! You can pick up flowers on Main Street or any florist nearby.  There’s no need to splurge on a tux! There are local places where you can rent a tuxedo instead!

After Prom: The Cortland High School After Prom Party is on Friday, May 6th after the prom.  The event is organized by parents to give all seniors a safe and fun place to go after prom.  The event will be hosted at the high school from 12am-4am.

Remember to be safe and enjoy the night! Just know that no matter what dress you are wearing or whoever you are going with, have fun! Don’t be worried or stressed about anything for your prom night.  Just dance the night away!! You only get to go to prom once so let us know what you plan on wearing to prom in the comments below!



Author: Rachel Weinstein

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