Monday Morning Noyze

Monday Morning Noyze is a segment that covers the most important news headlines from the past weekend. It’s hard to stay up to date on all the news that happens, but we are here to help a little. In case you missed it, here are the top stories that made headlines this weekend:

  • The Islanders were victorious in their third game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Florida Panthers last night.  They won in overtime 4-3 after being down the whole game.  This brings the Islanders in the lead!
  • Voters vote for the wrong party: The American Independent Party, an ultra-conservative political party in California created a huge mix up at the voters box.  Voters were trying to check off “no party affiliation” but misread the world “independent” in the IPA’s name and thousands of people accidentally checked off the wrong party.
  • One of the largest music festivals in Indigo California-Coachella kicked off on Saturday and as usual a ton of celebrities attended the event.  Calvin Harris performed with surprise superstar Rihanna.  To see a full list of all the artists that performed, click here
  • While temperatures finally warmed up here in Cortland County, Colorado faced a spring storm that by Sunday morning, Denver had over 11 inches of snow.  Fortunately, everyone seemed excited and loves snow.

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Author: Rachel Weinstein

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