Why Joining A Sorority Changed My Life

As a new transfer student to SUNY Cortland in the Fall of my sophomore year, I was filled with excitement but also fear-fearful that I wouldn’t find a group of friends because I came in a year late.  I had always considered joining a sorority, but when I realized a friend from home was in Alpha Phi at Cortland, rushing wasn’t even a question.  I immediately reached out to her and asked when the events for recruitment began!

When people think of Greek Life, they think of the movies, drinking, and hazing.  However, that is a false reputation.  Joining a sorority has opened my eyes to giving back to others and has shaped me into the woman I am today.  Sororities and Fraternities all have a national philanthropy or cause that they are dedicated to raising awareness and money for.  Alpha Phi’s philanthropy is women’s cardiac care and every year we host the Red Dress Gala to raise money.  The philanthropic work that greek life partakes in is amazing and has allowed me to give back to others and our community.  We participate in annual breast cancer walks, clean up the community, and other various philanthropic events.

Of course the best part of joining a sorority was gaining the sisters I never had but always wanted.  It’s cliche, but true- I really did find my bridesmaids.  Whenever you are on campus you’ll always see a familiar face and a smile.  The social events have introduced me to even more friends, and the greek life community as a whole has made me feel like I belong.

There is always something to do and have a friend to hang out with.  Here is what a week in the life of being in greek life is like!

Sunday: Chapter meetings. Every week we have a chapter meeting where we discuss upcoming events, such as tabling at the student union for student body appreciate week or keeping the campus cigarette butt free.  We also have sister of the week where we recognize someone (or several people) who have done something nice this week!

Monday: Participating in a walk, or blood drive, it all depends on what is going on that week.

Tuesday: Same as Monday but there are always different events going on.

Wednesday: Same as Monday as well!

Thursday: The mixer day.  Every Thursday there is a party with either another fraternity, or sports team.  This is a great way to meet new people and every week there is a different themed party!

Friday: Friday there is always a social event going on with frats or sports teams.

Saturday:  Just like Saturday, there are always social events going on and sometimes philanthropic events take place during the weekend too!

If you aren’t sure Greek life is for you, the best advice I have is to try it!  Find out when events are held for recruitment and put yourself out there.  Meeting a bunch of new people alone may be daunting but you have to remember that almost everyone is in the same position as you!  You don’t want to look back on your college experience and have regrets.  For more information about Greek Life specifically at SUNY Cortland, click here Greek Life.


Author: Rachel Weinstein

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