College Spotlight: Tompkins Cortland Community College

Whether you are in high school or are a returning student, college is something big and something we all think about at some point in time. Deciding which college is the right college can be very stressful especially if you aren’t sure as to where you want to go in life or what career you desire.  It can be overwhelming when it comes to wondering and waiting and sometimes it may be harder for some to get into the schools they wish to attend than others.

Although I wasn’t sure what I wanted and still am discovering more and more about where I want to be in my life, I knew that Tompkins Cortland Community College would be the best choice for me.  It is extremely local being that I commute to school every day and it is a great school for students who aren’t sure what they’d like to study in the long run.  Here is some helpful info on whether TC3 might be the right fit for you.

Campus Life:  Although TC3 is a much smaller school compared to most, it’s campus is lively and offers so many different activities, events and guest speakers come in all the time.  A smaller campus allows better connections.  Everyone at TC3 is extremely welcoming and always eager to help.  Taking a tour of TC3’s campus is probably one of the best ways to get yourself familiar and to see what type of opportunities are open to you.

Housing:  Most students that live on campus don’t live in the area but the best part about housing is that it is completely your choice.  If it’s not right for you then that’s okay.  There are 7 residence halls and all are involved in a lot of different and fun programs.  All dorms are about a two minute walk from campus and tutors are available to come to the dorms as well.  TC3 is a very safe community and they’re campus police are very understanding of college students and campus life.  The dorms offer cable and a full kitchen  Some of the floors are even themed.  Residence life is just a great opportunity to try and build new friendships and become more acquainted with TC3 life.

What’s to Eat?:  Although I love the fact that there are vending machines here and there, TC3’s dining hall has a lot to offer from students who love to binge on pizza to the ones that prefer a healthier lifestyle.  One of TC3’s greatest areas is the café.  It is great for someone like me who has multiple early bird classes and you need a coffee to boost your morning routine.  The café also has studying areas available which is extremely great especially since the dining hall can sometimes be crowded and loud at times.  If you have time in between a class or two, the café is a great place for a pick-me-up breakfast bagel and a quiet spot on a couch were studying becomes all the more relaxing.

Academics:  The best part about any school is that as long as you are dedicated to the work and how you spend your time, you will do just fine.  The teachers and staff at TC3 are very helpful and are always open to any type of questions or concerns you may have about the class or a simple homework assignment.  TC3 offers general studies to all students so if you aren’t quite sure what you want to do just yet, this college may be the right fit for you.  It is only a two year school which provides you with the ability to continue to a four year school or take a brake after graduation, allowing you to think about your future.

Programs & Activities:  It is important to know what types of things are available to you.  Having a MyTC3 account allows just that.  Updates and emails are sent out to all students about different programs they offer and what’s going on when and where.  Sometimes it may be hard to get involved but knowing where to look for more info is a great start!

Sports:  Like many and most colleges, TC3 offers an extremely wide variety of sports and if being involved in sports is your forte, it’s great to know that it is available to you.  TC3 has a gym, a swimming pool and many more activities so even if playing a sport isn’t necessarily your calling, having some type of exercise and a healthy lifestyle is always offered at TC3.

For the Future:  Even though TC3 is a community college, it’s a great way to see what’s out there and know that you can truly go anywhere.  I love being a student at TC3 and I think that it’s extremely great for students who whish to return to school like myself, or just aren’t sure quite yet.  TC3 is right in between Cortland and Dryden and commuting is always an option if you live close; even if you live in Ithaca.  It is a great way to get started for the future and to be just that one step closer to knowing what you’d like to do with your life.



Author: CassandraCarlton

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