5 Healthy Snack Ideas

People often associate healthy food with things that taste bland or boring. Water and salad is definitely not the most exciting thing in the world. Here are a few ideas that may be a little more tasty and exciting, and are also a bit better for you than potato chips and candy.

Greek Yogurt with oats and fruit

Dried oats alone may not have a lot of taste to them but they are a great source of fiber and carbs. Drop them in any flavor of Greek Yogurt along with a fruit of your choice and you have yourself a fine source of various macronutrients. Greek yogurt has a good source of both fat and protein and fruit packs healthy carbs.

Peanut butter and banana sandwich with a bit of honey

Take two pieces of whole wheat bread, spread peanut butter on both along with sliced bananas. Honey may be sugary, but it’s still a better choice than table sugar and artificial sweeteners. Adding just a little bit of honey to bananas and peanut butter can make for a tasty combination.\

Snack Wraps

Similar to your traditional sliced-bread sandwiches but a little different. Take some cold-cuts like ham, turkey, or Swiss cheese and a tortilla wrap to wrap the cold-cuts. Add lettuce and tomatoes for an even healthier snack wrap. You can also add a little mayonnaise or mustard and lightly toast these and make Paninis!


Both fruits and vegetables can be blended into a healthy drinkable snack. Some people will even go as far as blending meat so that it absorbs into the body faster. My favorite thing to blend is protein powder, bananas and skim milk together to make a healthy post workout shake. The options for blending are pretty much endless. Various fruits, yogurt, along with ice for a satisfying chilled finish are all very good options to use when making a smoothie.

Mixed nut and raison Trail Mix

Here’s a snack that can be easily taken and packed when you’re on the go. They can easily be bought together or mixed yourself. A tasty traditional combo you can try are cranberry raisins, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and cashews. Peanuts may work as well! Just make sure there isn’t too much salt in them.



Author: tyler.kaufman

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