5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

There’s no argument that sleep is an important need in order to function properly during the day. Sleeping, as simple as it may sound, is not always that easy to do however. Science recommends that we get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. There are a few various tips that we’ll take a look at to make sure you catch all of your Z’s with ease.

Shorten naps during the day

Keeping your sleep pattern on track is crucial. You want to make sure you get tired enough to sleep through the night, but are awake during the daytime. We often have desires to take naps during the day. However, if we are sleeping enough at night, then our naps shouldn’t have to be more than two hours during the day. Make sure that you get enough sleep after sundown so you won’t have to nap as much during the day and are able to get more done with your time.

Cardio before bedtime

Sometimes, we aren’t tired enough when we need to be and it’s hard to force ourselves to get shuteye. A simple and natural way to get ourselves to catch sleep may be to work out before bedtime. Try doing some pushups or sit-ups before bed or go outside for a jog. Just make sure to watch where you’re going if it’s dark out! If you have a job during the day, the exhaustion from the long work hours may also help your desire to want to go bed.

Count to yourself

I’m not even kidding about this one. I once explained to a personal trainer about my issues sleeping and he suggested counting in your head while imagining the voice of The Count from Sesame Street. Repeatedly counting “1, 2, 3” and repeating the “3” at the end so the count sounds something like “1, 2, 3…3…3…” seems to help me relax.

Put electronics away

Melatonin is a sleep hormone that our brain naturally produces to help us sleep. The hormone’s function can be disturbed when we our exposed to devices with bright screens. If you really need to text your friends and check your facebook make sure you limit your screen-time and that you aren’t on your computer or mobile devices well past midnight.

Invest in a Sound Machine

As strange as it sounds, I’ve found sleeping in total silence to be a bit of a challenge for me in the past. Sometimes I would sleep with the fan or the air conditioner running. There are small sound machines available for under $30 that produce sounds from nature such as waterfalls, blowing wind, or crickets. Some people might find some of this background noise helpful when trying to fall asleep.

Author: tyler.kaufman

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