5 Easy Ways to Start Getting in Shape

Cortland County may seem like it doesn’t have a lot going on but it is actually a great place to get in shape. We’ll take a look at a few different fun activities that will help get you moving!

Downhill Mountain Biking, Greek Peak:

The Greek Peak Mountain Resort has a selection of downhill trails for beginner, intermediate, and expert difficulties is mountain biking is your thing. Costs for teens and adults is $20 per ticket and can be purchased at both the Visions Express Lift and Outdoor Adventure Center. If that’s too pricy, just pick up a used bike and go for a ride. Not only is biking a good form of exercise but it is a great way to get around in town.


Hiking, Lime Hollow:

Lime Hollow Nature Center contains a variety of different trails to explore, free of charge. A few of these trails include Leigh Valley Trail, which has a mile long section that allows dogs, as well as the Marl Pond/Interpretative Trail, which includes several scenic ponds of different sizes. There is even an Art Trail with cool installation. A prime spot for taking cool Instagram pics!


YMCA or YWCA Activities:

Cortland’s YMCA and YWCA have many different classes and opportunities to get in shape. They both have a fitness center and a swimming pool. If you like participating in physical activity with other people then you may want to look into. Deep Water Aerobics, cycling, yoga, as well as martial arts classes are just a few different options available. Membership fees at the YMCA for individuals range from $16-$39 a month. YWCA fees range from $30-$40 a month.



Bowling, Cort-Lanes Inc:

Bowling is a bit more laid back then some of the other activities on this list. Located on 391 State Route, 15, Cort-Lanes offers both regular bowling as well as bowling leagues. Bowling’s a great way to get put your focus and upper body to work without getting too exhausted. Rock n Bowl on Friday night…


Kan-Jam, can be done anywhere!

I don’t know how many people reading this have heard of Kan-Jam, but it’s one of my favorite games to play when the weather’s nice out. For those who aren’t familiar, the game involves a Frisbee and teams of two. There are two hollow cylinders on opposite sides of each other. People take turns tossing the Frisbee to their teammate on the other side. When the Frisbee comes to them, the teammate on the opposite side has to hit the Frisbee so it goes into the cylinder nearest to them to score points.


Author: tyler.kaufman

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