Introducing Ask Mary: A Snapchat Series on Teen Health

Today we are introducing Ask Mary, a weekly series that will be posted on the snapchat account. Haven’t added us on snapchat yet? Our username is noyzedotorg.


Mary Dykeman works for Cortland Prevention Resources and educates children, teens, and young adults about sexual health. She also educates individuals through different agencies, and hosts fun educational events in the community for adults as well. You might know Mary from her presentations in your school health classes or from the Jump Start 10 Youth Conference.

So what is Ask Mary all about?

Mary is here to answer any questions you have about topics like healthy relationships, sexuality and decision making.

How do you Ask Mary a question?

You can direct message us your questions on Instagram @noyzegram or email us at We will never reveal the names of people asking the questions, so you don’t have to worry about asking embarrassing questions!

When will questions get answered?

Mary will answer all of your questions every Friday afternoon on our snapchat account. But, we need questions first, so ask away!



Author: Noyze Staff

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