8 New Gadgets in 2016

We live in a really exciting time where new products are always being produced and competing with each other to be better and pack more of a punch. Here are a few gadgets to get excited about in 2016.


Kodak’s Super 8. While not “new” per say, it is a new version of the 50 year old product. Many of the greats made their first student films on the original one of these, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and J.J Abrams. But of course this version does have some modern upgrades. While the footage is recorded on film, the sound is recorded digitally onto a memory card and when you’ve used your film send to to kodak. Where they’ll develop it for you and convert it into digital files for you to edit.

ZUtA Pocket Printer. This tiny printer travel across your page to print. What does that mean? Well, unlike a normal run of the mill printer, this one fits in your hand and instead of being feed paper it. You simply place the little robot on the paper. It can only print in black and white at the moment, but it charges using a usb cord and you can print from any deceives: apple and android mobiles, laptops, tablets and computers! Just as long as they have bluetooth capability. Now it’s much easier to away with doing your homework late.

Noke. Tell me if this sounds, familiar. You’ve been trying to open your locker for 3 minutes and now your late to class, or you’re trying to open your bike lock for 10 minutes and you know that you’re using the right key, but it won’t open! Well, both have happened to me. Especially the bike lock one. I only have the one black key! It can’t be any other one!!! Anyways. The cool new product? A smart phone controlled padlock, U-lock and enterprise, which is a mini padlock. These are pretty awesome. And if you do’t have a smart phone or the battery died, that’s okay because the lock has two other ways of unlocking it. Use a fob (which works how car keys work) or use the quick click feature on the lock itself.

Fuel3D Scanner. This is a handheld 3D scanner! Imagine sculpting your own creation, scanning it and uploading the file to your computer, editing and then (if you have access to 3D printer also) printing out your very own creation! While it can’t do 360 shots, so your scan will have no back… it’s very detailed and fast. Plus since the scanner is handheld, you aren’t limited to working in a office or studio!

Ampware Case

Ampware Case. While this may amazing case will only be available for iPhone 6/6s when it first launches, I expect other phones will het there chance if it does well. This case has a crank on the back of it so that if you’re no where near a charger (or a natural disaster struck, which is how the guys who invented this case got the idea), you can wind the crank for 5 minutes and have a hour of power. Now while this is similar to those rechargeable or solar power cases, this one works even at night and on man power.

Ampl. For the person who just can’t live without all of their tech, this backpack is an on the go charging system. How does it work? Well, when you buy the bag you choose how many “smart batteries” and what type you want. Depending on what you choose, it determines what you can charge and how many. The smart batteries do need to be charged, but you don’t have to empty the whole bag, just plug it in. Good thing to, because there’s a lot of pockets. Plus this bag is water resistant, has shocker absorbers and an app so you can monitor what’s charging without opening the bag.

Moment case

Moment iPhone Case. If you’re a photo junky this might be the case for you. Moment has decided to try to help make your iPhone more like a DSLR camera, with a shutter button that has half and full press features enabled. Not only does it mimics how DSLR works, it mimics the look too with a spot for fashionable camera straps. You can even choose what lens type you want on your phone case. Do you want the tele, macro, or wide?

Lily. Ever dreamed of making videos of you in action, but just wish you could get a few ariel shots? Well, now you can make that a reality with this video capturing droid. But what makes this droid stand out from all the others is that Lily follows. So instead of fiddling with controls, just wake up Lily, throw it up in the air and take off. This is all thanks to the tracking device (it comes with a waterproof case) that can be strapped on like a bulky watch or put on a pocket. Plus it’s waterproof, has different follow modes (such as Follow, Lead and Loop), fly for up to 20 min and can capture in SlowMo. However this first version doesn’t have obstacle avoidance, so I’d be careful going in to a forest with it.

So, what do want the most? This is kind of my list already, but the Noke, Lily, Super 8 and Moment case are high on it.


Author: Claudia Kolts

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