Why You’re Never Too Old for Lego!

Lego winter toy shop

One of the simplest toys definitely lends itself to a whole world of endless play. And with some kits as complex as the Ultimate Collector Millennium Falcon, I have to wonder: Why do some say it’s just for children? Well, I’m here to say no. No, Lego isn’t just for children! I mean you are time developing valuable life skills no matter what age by constructing kits or creating unique structures and at the same time you have a chance to get paid to play..er work, with Lego!

Well, No surprise here, that Lego can improve creativity, especially if children and adult are left to their imagination and provided with a variety of Lego pieces. With Lego, you have the building blocks to make whatever you envision.

And by using that creativity you could become a Lego Certified Professional (Lego sculpture artist). While you wouldn’t be employed by Lego, you would be recognized as a trusted business partner.

Lego Master Builder is one of the most selective Lego sculpture positions. You usually have to work your way up to this position. And while it doesn’t pay spectacularly well, you do get to design, build, removing and repair giant Lego sculptures in Legoland!

But Lego doesn’t just use creativity. Lego develops your problem solving and critical thinking too. After all, you can’t just blindly put together a 1,000 piece set or recreate a place from your favorite TV show.

And as a Lego Designer you would design new products and kits. Your noggin would be responsible for the creation of new toys for everyone to enjoy. And it sure uses a lot of skill for this job.

Another position is a Lego Engineering Instructor where you not only design, but teach kids STEM using Lego bricks! While it’s usually only a summer job you may need to know engineering, architecture, robotics and/or physics.

And there’s even more Lego themed jobs that require a love and understanding of it. No ordinary adult could do those jobs, so keep on loving Lego.

Did you know the Cortland Free Library is having a Winter Lego Contest? You can drop off your Lego winter themed creation from January 11th until January 22nd. The rules are simple, the creation can’t be made from a kit and only one creation per person can be submitted.

The contest is open to anyone 5-18 years old. Each age group will have the chance to win prizes!

Creations will be on display and voted on from January 23-30 and with stay on display until February 6th. Winners will be announced on February 1st.

For more information, contact the Library at 753-1043 or go to their website.

Author: Claudia Kolts

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