5 Holiday Foods From Around the World

One of the best parts about the holiday’s are the traditions associated with them, especially food! Here’s a few traditional holiday foods from around that world that you can try, use to improve your cooking skills and maybe add to your own families holiday tradition.

クリスマスケーキ/Christmas Cake (Japan)

While their christmas cake’s origins are taken from western culture, it’s sheer popularity and symbolic meaning to the Japanese make it a tradition to try. It’s classic appearance of white frosting topped with strawberries has come to mean prosperity and growth after hardship in Japan.


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Buche de Noel/ Yule Log (France)

The delicious Yule Log Cake, was invented because the Yule Log (a real log) tradition was fading out of style and practicality. The edible version is traditionally a rolled up sponge cake decorated to look like a log and may have edible marzipan and meringue ornaments.


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Kheer (India)

This simple and sweet food is used for all special occasions! It’s India’s version of rice pudding and has a few distinct variations in India. But unlike western versions it doesn’t use egg, as it must be strict vegetarian and is often offered up in temples.




Laufabrauð/Snowflake/Leaf Bread (Iceland)

This christmas food is sort like an edible arts and craft, in a similar way that gingerbread houses are! It was invented because of how hard it was to obtain flour and grains. The dough was rolled thin to conserve flour and was only used for special occasions. While flour is now quite easy to obtain, this still remains a popular tradition, with designs being passed down through families.


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Tamales (Mexico)

While Tamales are considered an everyday food and there’s nothing different about Christmas Tamales, since making them is so labor intensive they are now associated with special occasions. But don’t let the hard work stop you from making this tasty treat.


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Author: Claudia Kolts

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