What We Want From Break

Happy-teen-girl-caressing-cat-at-home,-affectionate-moment.-warm-by-fireplaceThe Holiday Break means more than just no school. It means:

  1. A ban on all alarm clocks. Breaks mean no more waking up for classes. Turn off all alarm clocks and sleep in because you can!
  2. No judgment from wearing pajamas or no make-up all day.
  3. Unlimited naps.
  4. Unlimited Netflix binge watching privileges.
  5. Ban on questions like “How’s everything going?” from family members.
  6. Endless amounts of snuggling with the family pet.
  7. Ban on words like, “homework”, “teacher”, “grades” etc.
  8. Homemade snacks that aren’t from the school cafeteria.
  9. A break from unscheduled fire drills.
  10. Gifts, money and more gifts.


Author: karolinaguillen

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