DIY Holiday Gifts Ideas

 DIY words for Do It Yourself concept
The holiday season has arrived and if you’re anything like me, you usually wait to last minute to decide what gifts you will give. Of course that can mean your selection has become a bit limited, but you could always go homemade! Besides, homemade gifts have way more meaning behind them because you took the time to put it together and didn’t just click “buy”. It’s sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives them.
Artwork: For anyone who has a favorite character, or just loves art, this might be the way to go! Some more popular ideas are, a favorite quotes, landscapes, or even just a cool pattern. And you can get away without having talent depending on what you choose to do. Plus with so many different mediums such as, pencil, paint, or chalk, the ideas are endless!
Hot Chocolate in a Jar: This gift would get an A+ from any hot cocoa lover that you know. All you need is a mason jar or mason jar mug and the ingredients for hot chocolate. That simple! But what makes it a fancy gift is the ribbon or stickers you’re adding to the jar it looks more festive and turns it into a cool keepsake after the hot chocolate is long gone. 
Jewelry Making: The holiday time is a great time to show your friends how much you care and what’s a better way than giving them custom, one-of-a-kind homemade jewelry. Be it necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets it’s simple and effective. Depending on what you want to make all you need is some string, beads or stones, metal wire and some things from your nearest craft store. Yes, this could be a little more time consuming, but the joy of seeing your friends open this heartfelt gift will be worth it.
Picture Frame: This is another gift that lets you express your artistic self. You can purchase a basic picture frame at most any store and then proceed to add your personal touch, using various paints, glitter glue, or stickers to decorate it. If the gift is for a family member, you can use puffy paint to write your relation on the bottom such as, mom, dad, sister, or grandparent. Another idea is to create some sort of pattern to go along the frame like a border, like glueing lace on top of a painted metallic frame. No matter how the frame turns out, it will be one of the fanciest frames to a picture put inside, or just staple spray painted chicken wire to the back for an instant place to hang stuff.
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Author: Claudia Kolts

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