Your Favorite Christmas Bullies?!

3f5755fda01dff1151a712bac57d3019607d1bf0No one likes a bully, and yet they’re everywhere, even it our christmas movies! But never fear, these misfits end up becoming the heroes of their stories and saving the day!

How they were bullied.

ELF: Raised in the North Pole, Buddy the Elf is unaware of his humanity. The other elves make fun of him, his size, and the fact that he’s unable to make toys like the other elves. They gossip about him being human and send him on a journey to meet his real father.

RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER: Rudolph decides to cover his glowing red nose in order to fit in with the other reindeer and in hopes to fly Santa’s sleigh. When he tries to impress a girl reindeer by flying, his cover comes off revealing his red nose and causing all the reindeers to laugh and make fun of him. They also don’t let him participate in any reindeer games.

THE GRINCH: As a baby, the Grinch was dropped off by accident in Whoville. He is bullied for looking so different, mainly by Augustus May Who. One day when he makes a gift for Martha May Whovier he also decides to shave his face because the other kids laughed at his beard. When he comes to school the next day with shaving cuts all over his face and Martha’s gift, the kids all laugh and torment him.

HOME ALONE: Kevin, the youngest of the McCallister family is constantly underappreciated and bullied, especially by his older brother Buzz.

How they end up winning.

ELF: On a journey to meet his real father and discover himself, Buddy the Elf discovers he has trouble fitting in Manhattan, maybe even more than in the North Pole. He later becomes the hero of both worlds when Buddy restores everyone’s holiday spirit and belief in Santa Claus. Buddy the Elf get’s Santa’s sleigh to fly on Christmas and helps his father become a better person, landing him back on the nice list.

RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER: Rudolph becomes the hero of the reindeer back home when he saves his parents and the only reindeer that did not tease him, Clarice. Rudolph also saves Christmas when a blizzard comes in threatening Santa’s trip to deliver gifts. Rudolph’s nose lights the way through the night.

THE GRINCH: Although the beginning of the movie is pretty sad, this movie is pretty funny and has a happy ending after all. The Grinch, hardened by his bullying decides to steal all of Christmas in order to get back at the community for tormenting and banishing him. When Cindy Lou Who opens her heart to the Grinch, the Grinch’s heart grows three times its size and he ultimately saves Whoville and Christmas.

HOME ALONE: Kevin believes that his wish for his family to disappear came true when he is accidentally left behind from the the family’s holiday trip to Paris. He is so thrilled and claims to be the man of the house. Not only is he able to take care of himself, he is also able to do whatever he wants! When his house is threatened by robbers, he decides to go into war mode. In the end, he is able to fight off the robbers and be reunited with his family just in time for Christmas.

Moral of the story?

Bullying isn’t cool and the ones that might be seen as outcasts can end up having some pretty cool adventures and save the day!


Author: karolinaguillen

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