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We live in an age where new technology is coming out so fast, that the rest of the world seems to be scrambling to try to catch up. Schools too! You can love it or hate it but the goal of school is to prepare us for the “real world,” right?! To do just that, Seven Valleys New Tech Academy was created and will feature:

Project-Based Learning is an approach for learning where you learn by being engaged, rather then sitting there and having information thrown at you. Their projects are based on real-life problems and challenges that come from business or the community.
Rather than separate classes for different subjects, subjects are combined. For example there is EarthComm (Earth Science and ELA) and Bio-Lit (Living Environment and ELA). 

All students have their own computer, with one-to-the-world access to information and programs to do the “work” of the project.
Students receive grades about the content and 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving.
Students will present to many authentic audiences – as many as 100 times over their high school career. And will become quite good at public speaking.


Are you interested? Awesome! You can attend Seven Valleys New Tech Academy’s open house December 9th at 6pm! It’s going to be over at the OCM BOCES Education Center – McEvoy Campus, 1710 NYS Route 13, Cortland, in Room 701 in the conference center behind the main building. Plus there will be food!

Author: Claudia Kolts

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